Never under-estimate the importance of having a variety of settings in your work environment!

You don’t need lots of space – even in my own 40sqm studio we have created separate work settings for different tasks…

my workspace

my workspace

“My” usual work setting is at a shared workbench next to my practice manager… where I have my laptop on a special stand with a full keyboard and mouse attached. Here I carry out my general admin based tasks… and when I’m on the phone I find myself wearing a hole in the carpet by pacing up and down the entry into our studio.

layout space

spreading out on our spare desk

When I need to switch into creative mode to do space planning and design-based tasks I move to our “spare” desk… an empty canvas on which to spread out tracing paper and sketch to my hearts content! I am much more productive and design possibilities and solutions come to me much faster without my laptop in front of me with online distractions.

informal meeting

our informal meeting/break out space

Just lately I have also realised that if I have concentrative work to do… research, writing blog posts, business strategy etc then I, quite unconsciously, will take my laptop and curl up in the corner of our banquette seating/meeting space where I find that, again, I am much more productive than at my dedicated workspace!

 Once you are aware of how you operate then you can start making simple changes to your environment to support you and your staff in more productive work practices – you’ll be amazed at the difference!

So whether you have a 12sqm bedroom for an office, or work in a much larger corporate environment… be conscious of where and how you carry out the different tasks that make up your work life.

Rachel x


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