Tauranga has long had the nickname of “ten-dollar Tauranga”and unfortunately we often come across businesses who don’t want to spend money upgrading their business premises, or if they do – they want to do it all themselves.

But we have recently completed a full front of house refurbishment for local accounting practice Ingham Mora. Yes, accountants! A company who crunch numbers for a living could see the value in spending money on their environment. And what’s more, they could see the value in using professionals to design the space for them… yay!

These clever accountants understood that their tired, dated premises might be communicating to clients that their business practices might be tired and dated, when they definitely weren’t!

Reception Before and After

Reception Before and After

Also, having gone through a merger, they felt that a refreshed environment would communicate to their staff that they were valued employees and worth spending money on to create an place where they wanted to work… because staff who are stimulated and comfortable in their work environment are more productive!

They wanted to provide meeting spaces that were more functional for both their staff and clients, and to ensure there were always enough meeting spaces, for increased efficiency, effectiveness and privacy where required.

meeting before and after

meeting before and after

They also realised that engaging a designer would offer them a fresh set of eyes to see spatial solutions that they couldn’t see themselves and that the ideas of several decision makers could be filtered and refined more quickly by someone independent.

They understood that we would be able to get them the best deals from suppliers, and specify product that would stand up to commercial wear and tear; and mostly that they would be able to get on with their day jobs while we took care of everything for them!

So yes, refurbishing and using a designer may cost more up front, but I strongly believe that the investment will pay for itself tenfold in the long term.

You can read more on the design of Ingham Mora’s new space here.

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