Access to natural daylight and views in a work environment can have a huge positive impact on productivity and general wellbeing.

In 2003, a California Energy Commission study found that call centre workers with the “best possible” view increased productivity up to 12% and had improved cognitive function by a staggering 25%!

When you can look out a window and are able to see several levels of horizon (ie another building, with trees behind it, with hills behind that) your  brain is able to refresh at a faster rate, making you more productive.

Long gone are the days of the large corner exec offices blocking every one elses daylight. To the contrary, in most modern business premises, enclosed offices and meeting spaces are located on internal walls letting open plan workspace occupy areas by the windows.


And even in small or home offices, being able to look out a window will definitely improve both mood and productivity.


So, are your offices arranged so work areas are in close proximity to windows with natural light and a view?

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