I was chatting with a client recently on the completion of her new office premises…

She was saying she loves how their new work environment – a clean, crisp contemporary space in mostly stark white and grey – but that it’s actually a real contrast from her home which abounds with colour and crazy prints. She conceded that while some people probably visit her house and think it’s OTT, it makes her feel happy.

I thought in that moment – how awesome, she gets it!

I have the same in my own home with my two girls’ bedrooms… I really love them. They are fun and a bit quirky, and everytime I walk past I smile… but most importantly, THEY absolutely love them too.

Decorating and Styling of Girls' Bedrooms

So be brave!!! Colour is so back in fashion, so if you’ve been thinking about trying a bright colour or a crazy wallpaper – do it!

Your environment is your bubble… reflecting you, your people and your brand.

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