i am often bemused by the number of business owners i come across who believe that their clients wouldn’t want to see them “wasting” money on their business premises… that it would make their clients think that they were paying too much for their product/services… hmmm…

if you wanted to sell your house, would you choose an agent driving round in the latest 4×4 or one driving a banged up old laser? which suggests that the agent is good at their job and is going to get you sold?

your business premises offer the first impression, the cover of the book, from which your clients make a judgement on your business. your product or services may be amazing, but how many clients are you losing because they don’t like the cover of the book?

particularly in these times, if your business can afford to upgrade it’s premises, surely that suggests you are doing well because you are good at what you do… which is more incentive for clients to stay with you, and a way to attract new clients.

what sort of first impression does your environment give?

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