Following on from our ‘room with a view’ post… if access to views and natural light are not in abundant supply in your work environment then you might want to consider injecting a bit of nature into your space instead.

Planter boxes, ivy or even a green wall – plants do wonders for interior environments. They add visual interest and a sense of calm, as well as having many proven positive effects on the occupants of a space.

Living wall in office

living wall

It is well known that plants help purify air and consequently lower levels of indoor contaminants but you may be surprised to hear the other ways plants can contribute to an overall healthy work place.

 “When plants were added to an interior space, the participants were more productive (12% quicker reaction time on the computer task) and less stressed (systolic blood pressure readings lowered by one to four units). Immediately after completing the task, participants in the room with plants present reported feeling more attentive (an increase of 0.5 on a self-reported scale from one to five) than people in a room with no plants.”

Other benefits include better concentration and a drop in common work related health problems such as fatigue and headaches in office environments where plants were present.

Plants and greenery are also great spatially as a way to divide or screen a space without using a solid element and they evoke a feeling of freshness which can be especially beneficial in a cafe or restaurant setting.

trees in the workspace - love!!

trees in the workspace – love!!

grassed breakout areas

grassed breakout areas

So go on, go green!

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